Castle Hill Village


Stage 1 and 3: SOLD OUT

Stage 2:   Two sections left ($145,000 each). One house and land package ($620,000), construction started and due for completion prior to Christmas 2016.

Stages 4 & 5:

Brand new release to the market 1 October 2016 

These sections are the premium sections at Castle Hill Village and will be the last sections available in the village for the foreseeable future. These sections share outstanding views of the Torlesse and Craigieburn ranges, and the iconic limestone rock outcrops that are distinctively Castle Hill.

Priced from $149,000 to $229,000


Section Maps

Lot 191   545 m2   $149,000 SOLD
Lot 192 516m2 $149,000 SOLD
Lot 193 501m2  $149,000 UNDER OFFER
Lot 194 659m2 $199,000 SOLD
Lot 195 645m2 $199,000 UNDER OFFER  
Lot 196 569m2 $149,000 SOLD
Lot 197 513m2 $149,000 SOLD
Lot 198 571m2  $169,000 SOLD  
Lot 199 620m2  $229,000 SOLD
Lot 200 513m2  $149,000 SOLD
Lot 201 512m2 $169,000 SOLD
Lot 202 544m2 $169,000 SOLD
Lot 203 625m2 $199,000 SOLD
Lot 204 557m2 $199,000 SOLD
Lot 205 552m2 $199,000 SOLD
Lot 206 632m2 $199,000 SOLD
Lot 207 610m2  $199,000 UNDER OFFER
Lot 208 567m2  $169,000 SOLD
Lot 209 557m2 $149,000 SOLD



House and land packages


After several years of being involved with property and building at Castle Hill, and observing many Castle Hill houses being built, we have come to the conclusion that many new houses are not as suitable for the Castle Hill environment as they could be. Castle Hill is an alpine environment, which means nice and cold in winter. And in summer normal summer temperatures can be expected.


After two years of research, we have come up with houses that are specifically designed and built for Castle Hill conditions. We are expecting to build the first two this spring. These well designed houses make great use of the sun for passive solar heating, and are very well insulated, airtight warm houses. These houses are also robust strong houses, designed to withstand what nature can throw at them and are generally well over 100% of the building code. They are also attractive houses, using strong simple lines. All this can be achieved at an affordable level, by using modern building methods and materials.


At this early stage in our development of these houses, rather than put a definitive square metre rate, we would be happy to build at cost plus a 10% project management fee. This would keep everything transparent and would allow purchasers to choose their own level of specs.


General Information   

Monty - 027 226 9405  

Concept plans